Why join the IAEI?

Current Events

Chapter meetings provide a wealth of timely information for professionals at the center of the electrical construction regulatory process. Find out whatís happening while itís still happening! The IAEI is among the first to know about new code developments, legislative actions, educational opportunities, and the Department of Labor & Industry and Board of Electricity activities, policies and opportunities.

A Place to be Heard

The chapter meeting is the place where individuals have the opportunity to influence policy makers. Do you want the code to recognize an issue thatís important to you? Do you need assistance understanding a particular Code requirement? Do you have a message or issue to share? The chapter meeting gives you direct access to the Minnesota IAEI representatives on the NEC Code-Making Panels - your peers. Discover how it feels to have your opinion count and to realize the merits of your inspecting experience. Your opinions are considered carefully at both the chapter and international level.


Chapter members are the first to know of up-coming seminars and educational events. Additionally, each chapter meeting provides an opportunity for the discussion of field problems and solutions. Within the past year Minnesota Chapter members attending the regular meetings have had insights into the controversial 2008 NEC changes, were involved with Minnesotaís code adoption process, learned about new electrical products from manufacturer's reps and discussed the impetus behind those important code issues - increasing their knowledge of the NEC and professional standing.

Career Development

Do you want to see an open door when you look for career opportunities? Your Minnesota Chapter meetings give the members the opportunity to get to know one another on more than a professional level. For those seeking a change, who you know is almost always as important as what you know. Active chapter members will always have the competitive advantage by being prepared in both areas.


If you are wrestling with a problem in your jurisdiction, itís very likely that other jurisdictions are also facing the same issues, or have faced similar challenges in the past. Chapter meetings provide an excellent venue to benefit from the successes (and failures) of your peers.

The Chance to Contribute

Your IAEI membership fees help fund the activities of the local chapter. By purchasing membership you not only receive the benefits of the international association, but also contribute to the funding of meting amenities, the chapter scholarship program and the public relations efforts by the chapter. Of all the professional organizations you could and perhaps do belong to, the IAEI gives you the most value for the dollar.  Itís an inexpensive and easy way to contribute to the common good of the entire electrical industry.

For help with membership questions, visit www.iaei.org.
As a new IAEI member, you would receive a packet from the Main Office in Texas, describing the benefits of membership on the national level. There is no extra fee for membership in the Minnesota Chapter, and all meetings except the Summer Meeting are free.